Last Wednesday's Engagement Shoot
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Friday, April 10, 2015
By Francis Chu Foon
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This shot here is straight out of camera just some sharpening and a little contrast if i can remember correctly.

So as everyone knows it’s not easy to shoot in 10:00 am to 3:00pm hot t&t sun, so that’s why I have started using strobes recently so I can pretty much shoot any time of day, but I am finding out as I go along when using strobes there comes a few issues as I had with this shoot, I found myself caught up in all the technical stuff like lighting for one and sometime lost the connection I usually have with the couple as you can see in some of the shots in this album. I lost my flow!!!!!! I will try to get it together next time, wow this is hard work ! I must mention though lighting assistant the wifey did a good job, she is coming along fine and hopefully soon i won't have to direct her as much and focus more on shooting.

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Johnny - Light is what makes photography art.. You are an artist....Learning to manipulate the is key to good photography

Harold S. Garner - This is really great work and an inspiration to other photographers (like myself). I think the strobe work is excellent. Great images.